Smart Water Solutions

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Edison technology’s Total Network is the first wireless network for the specific purpose of low power. Wide-area machine-to-machine communication (M2M). Other wireless networks including cellular and mash lack the reach, capacity and scalability that our total reach Network is able to provide. Total reach Network has the capability to manage millions of meters on a single Network with accessible capacity for grid automation and warning light monitoring. It is the only Network that has the connectivity, economical budget and reach to cover u underground, back country and urban assets. The total reach Network is the one network to connect anything on a network of meters.


This form of m2m communication network is fundamental in ensuring that reliable, low cost and maintenance friendly aspects related to smart metering back –office communication networks are addressed in an efficient manner.


A Total reach Network delivers an economical Grid Automation solution that meets the present and future demands on the electrical Grid. With a deployed Total reach Networks, utilities of all sizes can regulate energy distribution, find faults faster, and avoid outages with proactive condition based maintenance. With prompt and flexible organisation and deployment, and flexible support for a.

Multiuse Network, Edison Power delivers where technologies like mash and cellular do not meet the current requirements.


Utilities with Tower assets have substantial monitoring and financial liability linked with managing their aviation warning light, Edison power’s Total reach Network Aviation light monitoring is the only solution with reach, capacity and security to manage all of utility’s assets, it allows you to have one Network for smart metering. Grid automation and warning light monitoring. Having a single Network covering all utility assets means that financial costs are decreased and it will have the fastest rate of any wireless system.


The ability to moderate peak demand is a critical component of smart grid operations management due to emergencies cost efficiency. Edison Power’s Total reach Network can be used to control load shedding equipment’s without affecting Grid automation and metering having a single Network covering all utility assets ensures the lowest cost and the fastest rate of any wireless system.


Smart lighting is the next frontier of a smart grid, enabling full remote management and regulating of public lights, Edison Power’s Total Reach Network with the capacity to manage street lights and meters in addition to grid automation and demand respond infrastructures on the same network. Access to street light operation enables condition based maintenance, remote operation for safety and security and the ability to adjust and manage lighting options based on the public’s need.