Edison Smart Metering


The Edison Power Group is currently the leader on the Africa Continent regarding supply,deployment and support of complex end-to-end smart metering solutions.

As a group, it specialises in providing:

 Smart Meter Technology:

  • Electricity, Gas and Water Meters All Equipped With Modular Communication Modules
  • Meter Data Collection System
  • Field Deployment Management Systems
  • Meter Data Management System

 Specialised services

  • Smart Meter Mass Roll-Outs
  • Detailed Pre-installation In-Field Data Audits
  • Accredited Meter Installer Training
  • Post-Deployment Smart Meter Systems Operations

Specialised Facilities:

  • Ware House Facilities
  • Call Centre Facilities
  • Post Deployment Support Centre

The key benefits offered to utilities through the Edison Power Group Smart Metering Portfolio are:

  • Remote collection of billing data from electricity, water and gas meters
  • Integration of collected billing data into utility billing system
  • Real time tamper alarm detection
  • Remote distribution of bulk messaging into customer homes

Edison Power’s Smart Metering Solution provides an efficient multifunctional alternative to the current system, in the form of the comprehensive AMI (Automated Metering infrastructure). At Edison Power, We’re dedicated to delivering end –to-end Smart grid and smart distribution solutions to electricity, gas and water utility in Africa.