Railway Traffic Control


The Edison Power Group and our partner in intelligent transport system (ITS) and environmental control system (ECMs), SICE aims to bring knowledge in the development and implementation of railway safety system to South Africa, allowing us to offer integrated solutions to our customers, ranging from the design and engineering phase to the delivery turnkey projects.

Edison Power, in collaboration with SICE, have a proven record in the design, installation and commissioning of security system for railway using interlocking and blocking systems. The installed systems are manufactured in a proven design and are robust and easy to maintain.

We manufacture, supply, install and maintain

  • Interlocking system ( CENELEC, SIL-4 certified)
  • Blocking systems (CENELEC, SIL-4 certified)
  • Rail crossing systems( CENELEC, FAIL-SAFE and SIL-4 certified)