Intelligent Transport Systems


The partnership between Edison Power Group and SICE aims to bring technological advancements to South Africa transport system in the fields of intelligent transport system (ITS) and environmental control system (ECS).

Together with our partner, SICE, We have contributed to streamlining transport and traffic control by applying cutting-edge technology in the fields of:

  • Urban traffic control: applying latest traffic strategies (dynamic plan generation and adaptive control). SICE’s traffic controller is SANS 1547 approved.
  • Automatic Fare Collection Systems: from contactless payment media to Card Vending Machines, SICE integrates, develops and manufactures different ticketing solutions, tailored to its customers’ needs.
  • Advanced Public Transport System: helping SICE’s customers to tackle the transport operations through its systems, designed and adapted to each means of Public Transport: Bus rapid transport (BRT), Subway and Trains.