HT Live Line Installations

Live – line work is the maintenance of electrical equipment, often operating at a high voltage, while the equipment is energized. These type of projects, due to the dangerous high voltage levels, require expertise in the processes and methods needed for such a project.

The Edison Power Group, with it exceptional overhead and underground transmission capabilities run full range from 69Kv to 500Kv. Edison Power has built hundreds of kilometres of new wood pole and Steele structure transmission lines, reconductored and upgraded existing transmission lines and performed live line maintenance in conjunction with our international partner, Quanta Services, our current partners, SEMI and Rokstad Power, are known internationally as leaders in the field of live – line installations.

Our state of the art technology isolates energized line from the structure to create a safe work environment. Edison Power utilises this industry leading technology in conjunction with traditional methods to maintain, upgrade and even rebuild virtually any voltage line or facility without interrupting the power supply.